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School Safety

Caston School Corporation has safety protocols in place to provide a safe learning environment to our students and staff.  Staff and students practice safety drills monthly and all drills are in compliance with state safety requirements.  Caston also has eight staff members who are certified school safety specialists through the Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy.


SRO, Scott Wilburn

During the 2019-20 school year Caston added a school resource officer (SRO) to our staff.  Officer Scott Wilburn is a full time deputy for the Fulton County Sheriff's Department.  In addition to our partnership with the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, a portion of the SRO salary is supported by the Indiana Department of Education School Safety Grant.

Officer Wilburn can be contacted at 574-598-8000 ext 421.


Report Bullying and Safety Concerns

Click the link and complete the form to report any bullying or safety concerns: Bullying and Safety Reporting


Caston Visitor Policy

  • All visitors are to report to the main office for assistance (this is to be posted at the main entrances).
  • Caston utilizes visitor screening software in which a visitor provides a valid driver's license for a quick background screening. The screening then produces a visitor's badge with the visitor's name and picture.
  • Visitors who have business that takes them beyond the office should complete the visitor screening process at the counter and should put on the visitor’s badge provided.
  • Visitors should be escorted to their area of business by a staff member or student helper. (This would not pertain to school volunteers, parents, etc. who are in the building on a daily basis doing routine school task -i.e. library volunteers, classroom helpers, etc.).


Safety Response Protocol (SRP) Information

Caston School Corporation utilizes the Standard Response Protocols (SRP) developed by We Love You Guys.  These standard protocols enable the schools to have clear and concise emergency procedures. Students and staff are trained annually on these protocols and the protocols are practiced throughout the school year.

School Safety Protocol (SRP) Poster


School Safety Protocol (SRP) Parent Information

School Safety Protocol Training Video

Reunification in the Event of an Emergency: 

  • For any Natural / Man Made disasters there is a reunification process with designated reunification locations. 
  • The process of reunification with but relayed to all parents and guardians through the proper law enforcement channels or though the school administration. This could include phone calls, through social media, or person to person contact if needed.
  • In an emergency situation of this nature we ask that you do not call the school directly so phone lines are free for emergency purposes.